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Explosive Power, Full-Body Strength, Rapid Fat-Loss, Posture-Correction, Athletic Performance. It really does have it all.

The Kettlebell Training Essentials Program focuses on the kettlebell movements that allow the body to function at high levels of athletic performance. You will quickly master the essential kettlebell exercises and be able to teach them easily with our unique step-by-step approach. You will be able to correct common errors in technique, and deliver metabolic-based workouts that get results fast! The Kettlebell Training Essentials Program will give you everything you need to DELIVER WORLD-CLASS KETTLEBELL TRAINING SESSIONS!

Kettlebell Training Essentials will teach you how to…

  • Master the 2 arm kettlebell swing with my simple 5 step process – you’ll instantly reduce risk of injury, and quickly progress to heavier kettlebells. I’ve taken out all the guess work!
  • Construct deadly metabolic workouts that melt body-fat fast, boost total body strength, develop a powerful posterior chain, and build a killer core.
  • Increase squat depth by addressing mobility issues – and be able to deep squat safely in just minutes.
  • Counteract the common “flexion” position from spending too much time in the seated position (and it’s not what you think).
  • Master the single kettlebell swing with this simple “trick” so you can stop using those “paperweight” sized kettlebells.
  • Fix all the common kettlebell movement problems by following tried and tested kettlebell corrective strategies – you’ll be a Pro in no time.
  • Train trunk rotation and address asymmetries that will sky-rocket your core strength!
  • Eliminate the “compensations” that occur from poor movement patterns - release unnecessary muscle tension, reduce pain, and avoid the common training injuries.
  • Gain a full understanding of the 6 multi-functional get-up movements for optimum joint resilience and athletic performance.
  • Build solid shoulders by “switching” on your joint stabilizers – start pressing and pushing harder and heavier than ever before.
  • Identify and correct the weakest link in your kettlebell movements and smash through training plateaus with ease.
  • Create fun, functional, energy-building training sessions you can do anytime, anywhere. Don’t like the gym or the crowds? Train in the comfort of your own home.
  • Troubleshoot common errors and fine-tune lifting technique – for beginners right through to an advanced level.
  • Optimise your posterior chain muscle firing order and produce instantly noticeable results - you’ll be amazed when your hip and glute power increases dramatically.
  • Easily correct and optimise your technique for every Kettlebell Training Essentials exercise, with a complete toolbox of techniques.

These techniques, drills and strategies will give you a deep understanding of the Kettlebell Training Essentials so that you can unleash all the benefits of kettlebell training.

Here’s What’s Included…
Get slim fast!
Check it!

Module 1: Mastering the Kettlebell Swing, Swing Corrective Strategies, Kettlebell Swing Enhancement Drills & Training

MTKE-dvd-discModule 1 will meet you at the foundation of the kettlebell swing, the hip hinge. Then, we’ll build upon that and move through all the steps of progression and corrective strategies until you become a master swinger.

Once you’ve mastered the kettlebell swing, and have fixed the problems that occur from moving from the 2 arm swing to the single arm swing, it’s time to address any compensations and start going heavy.

We’ll finish this module with an enhancement drill and workout that will really cement your technique and get you well on the road to success with kettlebell training – at this stage you’ll be worlds ahead of most people that just try to pick one up and swing away.

Module 2: The Multi-Functional Get-Up, Kettlebell Front Squat, Corrective Strategies, Enhancement Drills & Training

MTKE-dvd-discIn Module 2 we’ll go in-depth into the Multi-Functional Get-Up – the version of the Get-Up that contains many of the human fundamental movement patterns, all rolled into one amazing movement sequence.

We’ll go through corrective strategies for trunk rotation, increasing core strength, fixing common shoulder position problems, and get your back and spine fired up in a way that really says “Bullet-Proof”.

The squat is one of the best strength training movements, but is often limited by our range of motion. In this module we’ll go through techniques to increase depth, reduce limitations, and power up this full-body exercise.

Bonus: Kettlebell Swing, Get-Up & Front Squat Enhancement Drills & Full-Body Workouts


In this Bonus module I’ve included my best enhancement drills for the hips, the trunk and spine, and the shoulders. You’ll use them to develop the Kettlebell Training Essentials to a mastery level.

Use these Enhancement Drills in every workout and your Swing, Get-Up, Squat, and just about every other exercise you can think of will never be the same again.

I’ve also included a Kettlebell Swing based workout and a Get-Up and Squat based workout. These metabolically demanding workouts will increase your conditioning, your strength, your power, and fry body-fat in half the time of a normal workout. Seriously!

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Note: Online Certification Course is assessed via video submission demonstrating key exercises, and awards Kettlebell Instructor Certificate and 8 cpd points.

My Promise, Our Guarantee

This is the most comprehensive kettlebell fundamentals training you will ever receive – I guarantee it!

guarantee1Watch the entire Kettlebell Training Essentials Program.
Put your new skills into practice and see for yourself just how quickly you’ll progress.
If for any reason you don’t want to keep the course just send it back and you’ll get a full and prompt refund.
And you have a full 30 days to make your decision.
That’s how confident we are with our training material.

It’s time to take your first step toward mastering the Kettlebell Training Essentials, and get the results you’ve been waiting for.


Founder – Kettlebell Training Academy