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Strength Training – the foundation of an amazing athletic physique. But let’s be honest, traditional strength training isn’t the best for getting lean.

Circuit Training – great for fat loss! Only problem is, strength gains are very slow.

But… what if you were to harness the power of kettlebell training and combine it with the best training tool you already have… YOU!

AND in a way that rapidly increases your strength PLUS… leans you out fast!

If you’ve been looking for a customised training program that does exactly that, then I have some news that will blow you away!
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See, while I was in the process of creating a training system for rapid, functional strength gains, I uncovered some research that took me by surprise. I immediately went to work testing and applying these principles, and the results were truly astonishing. Let me explain…

The Secret To Rapid Strength Gains AND Getting Lean

There are many different forms of resistance training that can produce phenomenal results.

Take circuit training for example. The metabolic demands of circuit training allow for greater fat-loss over typical training programs due to the amount of energy being used at the time of the workout, as well as post-workout – also known as after-burn or EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption).

The rapid fat-loss associated with circuit training is often achieved through a high volume approach – a large number of reps and sets.

The problem with circuit training, however, is that it doesn’t really lend itself to decent strength gains.

Strength training, on the other hand, is specifically designed to increase strength – and often achieved through high intensity training – heavy weight and a relatively low number of reps per set.

Unfortunately a typical strength training program doesn’t have the same fat-burning effect as circuit training.

So… while we might be tempted just to combine these two awesome modalities… herein lies the problem.

When combining these two training modalities, to get the greatest training response, we absolutely need to consider exactly how the reps, sets, volume, intensity, time under tension, load, and all the other training variables fit together.

So what’s the solution…?

…manipulate the training variables (reps, sets, volume, intensity, time under tension, load) in a way that will stimulate the body’s naturally occurring hormones – hormones that actually control fat-loss, and strength/muscle gain.

3 Key Strategies for Boosting the Body’s Response to Training

Here are 3 different key training strategies that have been shown to significantly boost the training response by targeting those almighty hormone “controllers”. If you’re not already including these, get onto them straight away – I believe they’re actually magic disguised as science. Seriously, that powerful!

1. Use a high volume of work. A typical training session could be anywhere from 30-50 sets. Extensive research has shown that a high volume of work is one of the two most important factors for increasing Growth Hormone – also known as the “youth” hormone. Growth Hormone is responsible for regulating body-fat and lean tissue as well as boosting the immune system.

2. Use short rest periods. A study conducted in 2010 compared 60, 90 and 120 second rest periods and found that Growth Hormone was highest in the 60 second group. This has been attributed to training above the lactic threshold.

3. Start with more eccentric focussed lifts. e.g. 3-5 second eccentric and only 1 second concentric (in a push-up, lower for 3-5 seconds, and “push-up” for 1 second). This will increase the time under tension and also enable you to handle heavier loads. Heavier loads with an eccentric focus sets off a cascade of hormones that will boost your strength gains.

GREAT! So we’ve got rapid strength gains… fat-loss… science… magic. But how do we pack 30-50 sets with short rest periods into a SHORT workout especially when we spend 4-6 seconds on each rep?!

Well, it was quite a journey. And after heaps of research, and a lot of trial and error, I figured it out – and created the concept of the Strength Loop.

A Strength Loop is a selection of exercises constructed in a way that will allow for a high volume, high intensity, short rest workout that takes less than half the time of a normal workout (for the same amount of work).

…the Strength Loop is designed to trigger the hormones that will get you stronger and leaner than you imagined. Your body’s response to this type of training will get you the results you want much faster!

The Kettlebell & Bodyweight Strength Training Program Gives You All The Exercises and Movement Patterns You Need AND Allows You to Customise Your Workouts

Each workout is a combination of different Strength Loops, which in turn are a combination of exercises from 8 different categories of movement patterns.

These movement patterns form a complete, balanced, strength training system, which are the key to building integrated functional strength. These include… Horizontal Push, Horizontal Pull, Vertical Push, Vertical Pull, Hip-Dominant, Quad-Dominant, Core Stabilisation, and Core Movement.

Within each category is a selection of exercises ranging from easiest to most difficult - so that you can insert yourself exactly where you need to be to begin, and progress at the right rate and speed for you!

Each exercise video has detailed coaching, as well as progressions and variations - so that you can really master the patterns and select the exercises that match your level of strength and skill.

These are just some of the many benefits…

  • Discover true full-body strength with 43+ of the best integrated bodyweight and kettlebell strength exercises - from the ground up, through to an advanced level.
  • By incorporating my unique Strength Loops System, you’ll benefit from accelerated fat loss and strength and muscle increase beyond typical training programs.
  • Easily create your own customised, strength training program – with step by step instruction and coaching for every exercise.
  • Learn how to increase full body strength, endurance, and conditioning, in half the time of a normal workout.
  • Simple “tricks” that will turn basic core stability exercises into powerful abdominal developers.
  • Learn which exercises are best used with an eccentric focus, and which are best used with a concentric focus, to maximise the hormone response.
  • Kettlebell “Power” exercises that complement strength training and boost the metabolic response – you’ll get strong AND fit fast.
  • Bodyweight exercises that take core strength to a whole new level – ditch the sit-ups and crunches, it’s time to develop integratedfunctional strength.
  • Think push-ups aren’t hard enough? With 6 different push-up exercises plus variations that get progressively harder, I promise you’ll never go back to a bench press again – and you’ll get rock hard abs too.
  • Single leg exercises that will get you glutes of steel. Plus… improve ankle stability, hip joint stability, trunk stability, and skyrocket athletic performance.
  • Specific stabilisation exercises that will “switch on” your joints to prepare for heavier loads – lift safely and progress through the exercises much faster.

Here’s What’s Included…

wide monitor, pad, phone, box, discs

Module 1: Welcome, Mobility Warm-Up Drills, Strength Loops

TKST dvd, discIn Module 1 you’ll be introduced to the structure of the program – so you have a full understanding of how to construct your personalised strength training program.

We’ll also go through follow-along, full-body, mobility drills that incorporate two different concepts. The first will stimulate the receptors in the joints to “wake” the nervous system up and get it on board for using heavy loads. The second will take you through a range of patterns designed to provide a greater range of motion, so that you can perform all the exercises with minimal “compensations”.

These drills are the key to preparing the body thoroughly for handling heavy loads and high volume – use them every workout.

Module 2: Push Stability, Horizontal Push and Vertical Push Exercises, Movements and Progressions

TKST dvd, discModule 2 contains all the pushing exercises, progressions, and variations. We’ll start with Push Stability – the movements designed to “fire up” the joints, and prepare the body for handling push-based exercises.

Including these in your training program is a MUST for injury prevention AND it will allow for an instant boost in pushing strength.

With a huge range of the best kettlebell & bodyweight horizontal and vertical pushing exercises, you’ll be able to progress at a rate that suits you – and build integrated, functional pushing strength.

Module 3: Pull Stability, Horizontal Pull and Vertical Pull Exercises, Movements and Progressions

TKST dvd, discIn Module 3 we’ll start with the pull stability exercises – designed to strengthen the shoulder girdle and develop proper shoulder positioning.

These simple stability exercises will help you progress to heavier loads much faster – as well as help you avoid common shoulder injuries that often set you back weeks.

Then we’ll move through the whole range of horizontal and vertical pulling exercises, with many tips and tricks for fine-tuning your technique, so you can get the most out of these movements.

Module 4: Hip Dominant, Quad Dominant, Core Stability and Core Exercises, Movement and Progressions

TKST dvd, discModule 4 will cover the lower part of the body and the trunk.

With progressions from basic lifts to single leg work and beyond, you’ll develop integrated strength from the ground up.

You won’t see boring ab crunches in this section – core training is about upper to lower body integration, stabilisation, and movement in all three planes of motion.

Get ready for a functional, rock hard mid section!

Bonus: 10x Best Kettlebell & Bodyweight Strength Training Loops

TKST dvd, discTo help you get started, and for extra variety, I’ve added my top 10 Kettlebell & Bodyweight Strength Loops.

I’ve included level 1 (beginner), level 2 (intermediate) and level 3 (advanced) Strength Loops, as well as stability, full-body, and upper/core, lower/core split Strength Loops.

These are the Strength Loops I use personally. They have been put to the test with many of my clients and students, and produce phenomenal results.

Word of caution: Even if you’ve been training for years, I encourage you to start at level 1. When you go through them you’ll understand why.

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