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Let me introduce you to the little-known secrets of Advanced Kettlebell Lifting and Kettlebell Sport. …and whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been training for years, I guarantee you’ll be armed with everything you need for mastering the art and science of Advanced Kettlebell Training.

Advances In Functional Training

While our understanding of  “functional” training has progressed significantly in recent times, unfortunately it’s not often been applied to kettlebell training – especially the advanced movements. Kettlebell snatches, cleans, jerks and many of the other advanced kettlebell movements are amazing exercises – BUT they’re not movements where you can pick up a kettlebell and just “snatch” away.

  • They are highly skilled precision movements that require more than just a few technique pointers.
  • They require a specific level of mobility across the joints to get into the optimum position, otherwise injury is highly likely.
  • They require you to be able to stabilise the weight overhead and on the body and rest and recover while doing so, for significant periods of time.
  • They require you to learn the movement patterns in a specific sequence so that you don’t firmly entrench poor lifting habits.
  • They require a complete break-down of each lift, so that you can fine-tune each phase, become conditioned quickly, and start lifting heavier kettlebells.

Complete Kettlebell Sport Mastery will teach you how to…

  • Prepare the body thoroughly for the demands of the kettlebell sport lifts, by using effective multi-planar joint mobility training… NOT boring ineffective 80′s stretching routines
  • Learn ALL the kettlebell sport movements, including the 5 pentathlon movements, in an effective sequence that will get you to the mastery level FAST
  • Develop the joint stability needed to take your kettlebell sets into the minute after minute after minute realm… without putting the kettlebell down
  • Identify, correct, and enhance the weakest link in your kettlebell movements by utilising specific training drills for each and every phase of all the lifts
  • Stack techniques on top of each other and take advantage of the Law of Compounding Effect – dramatically increase your movement efficiency and conditioning and start lifting heavier kettlebells and pushing more reps

Here’s What’s Included…
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Module 1: Welcome, Mobility & Stability Drills, Introducing the Movements

TKST dvd, discIn Module 1 you’ll be introduced to the kettlebell sport movements – these include the Biathlon, Long Cycle, and the 5 Pentathlon movements. This module also contains the multi-planar joint mobility and stability drills. The mobility drills are human movement, fascial train, and joint balancing drills that will give you the mobility you need for the advanced kettlebell lifts. The stability drills will “switch on” your joint stabilisers so that you can be assured of not putting your joints at unnecessary risk of injury as you progress with each lift. This module is the key to laying a strong foundation of injury-free training with the kettlebell sport lifts.

Module 2: Kettlebell Press, Push-Press, Kettlebell Jerk

TKST dvd, discModule 2 will get you pressing heavier kettlebells for more reps than you ever thought possible. You’ll learn exactly how to progress from single kettlebell presses right through to double kettlebell jerks by stacking technique and conditioning drills on top of one another. By the time you’ve finished this module you’ll have increased your overhead strength significantly, as well as all the other performance increases that come along with kettlebell sport training – power, endurance, quicker recovery time, and effective lower to upper body force transfer that’s associated with many sport and recreational activities.

Module 3: The GS Swing, Half Snatch, Kettlebell Snatch

TKST dvd, discIn Module 3 you’ll learn the different variations of the kettlebell sport swing, and start to develop your own style - one that’s the most efficient for you. You’ll also work through all the drills necessary to move toward kettlebell snatch mastery. By fine-tuning your snatch skills you’ll be able to lift a much heavier kettlebell and really take advantage of the pulling strength you’ll develop along the way – both in the lower and upper body.

Module 4: Kettlebell Clean, Long Cycle Press, Long Cycle

TKST dvd, discModule 4 starts off with learning the basics of the kettlebell clean movement, and also covers the variations you’ll need for each of the combination exercises. By this stage you’ll have developed some phenomenal kettlebell sport lifting skills and be ready for the combination exercises – the long cycle press and the mother-of-all-lifts: the kettlebell long cycle. With specific drills for each of the lifts you’ll always have endless workout combinations on hand.

Bonus: 7 of the Best Kettlebell Sport Enhancement Drills

TKST dvd, discEnhancement drills will help you develop some of the more challenging elements of the kettlebell sport lifts much faster than normal training will. Using these drills regularly will fast-track your conditioning, particularly in the rack and overhead lockout positions – which are your primary and secondary rest positions. In this bonus module I’ve included my top 7 enhancement drills, including drills for the kettlebell long cycle, kettlebell snatch and kettlebell jerk.

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