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What Others Are Saying

"I'd just like to say a big thank you to Ramon for the Kettlebell Instructor Course. THANKS RAMON!!!!! In every aspect, it was by far THE BEST (I'm not exaggerating) fitness industry training course I have ever participated in. When my friends ask me how it went I tell them it was amazing and they should go do it...even though my hamstrings were smashed for a week...The course not only gave me the knowledge and confidence I need to effectively utilise kettlebells as a training tool with my clients, but the scientific/coaching knowledge and skills you displayed have really inspired me to be a better personal trainer. Thanks again :)"

Jenny Wilson, Fernwood Female Fitness Centres

"I went into the kettlebell course just looking to get qualified. Now I want to go as far as possible with Kettlebell Training and one day become a Kettlebell Course Instructor."

Morgan Dowel, Fitness First

"This was truly inspirational kettlebell training. I have already encouraged colleagues to enrol. Great stuff. Thanks!"

John Fenemore, Trilogy Fitness

"The ketlebell course was awesome! I learnt a great deal and I feel that now I will be able to apply everything I’ve learnt to a kettlebell training session with a lot more ease and confidence.!"

Ben Albrecht, Connections Health Club

"I said this in my recommendations, but I would seriously recommend this course to all personal trainers, it goes above and beyond any other course I have done, I will certainly be using kettlebell training in all my PT sessions."

Andrea Everingham, GL14 Health Club

"I thought my knowledge and use of Kettlebells was good, and attended the course in order to become qualified as an instructor in Kettlebell training. But I was very surprised and impressed with the presenter and came away from the course with more knowledge and improvement in my skills than I had anticipated. So thankyou very much."

Brigham Dennison, Police Officer and PT

"Ramon David shared his knowledge with enthusiasm, passion and humour, giving each participant his full and equal attention. If you want to really learn the art of kettlebell training enrol now."

Ian Simmonds, Acupuncturist

"This Kettlebell instructor course educates you in a way that other courses don't. Technique & postural assessment go hand in hand with the Kettlebell course. As well as been fun & enjoyable, the course makes you realise the importance of functional training. Excellent! Highly recommend!"

Dean Henman, Everyone Active Fitness Club

"You have not trained until you've swung a bell - and they were true enough to the slogan! Ramon shows us another side of kettlebell training not many trainers will see. Very concise and thorough course program for those learning about advanced kettlebells!! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who's thinking of getting certified!"

Jab, Singapore

"Being fairly new to the fitness industry I am always thinking of doing courses to improve my knowledge. If all my courses are going to as professional and impressive as this kettlebell course then I will be a very happy man. Perfect instructors and perfect format, can't wait to do the advanced kettlebell instructor course soon."

Kevin Lappin, LA Fitness

"Ramon David goes above and beyond in this to break down kettlebell sport lifts. He gives you mobility drills that will enhance your lifting. From grip to different ways to do double cleans to help save your shoulders he puts it all in. You will not be sorry when you buy this set. Well worth it."

Aaron Lassiter

"The course provided a very easy to teach, step by step approach to kettlebell training. Very importantly, specific attention is given to technique analysis and appropriate correctional strategies to improve technique. Further, Ramon’s encyclopedic knowledge and subject matter expertise was a most valuable resource in itself. Couldn’t recommend this course highly enough for people with even the slightest of interest in a diverse, functional training tool that can address all of the components of fitness."

Pasquale Kabi, As Fit As Possible

"I was very impressed with the kettlebell course. Having attended many courses in my career, I feel this is probably one of the most professional courses I have been on. Ramon was brilliant - his teaching was clear and concise and he made sure everybody was encouraged and happy throughout the day which showed in the amount of improvements I made at the end of the course. I learnt a lot that will stay with me forever and I would definitely recommend the course.."

Grace Ellison, Working Health